#metoo & investing in women’s rights

2017 began a movement that has forever changed the culture of women in the workplace.  The #metoo movement started back in October 2017 when media mogul Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual harassment.  The “me too” twitter-storm began with the tweet “If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write “me too” as a reply to this tweet.  Thousands of replies later, it quickly turned into a movement, with charges being filed, women being heard, and appropriate workplace environments being brought to the center of attention.

The post #metoo movement has now begun.  Now what?

Like many women’s rights movements before, the process is constantly unfolding.  Our role moving forward is to advocate for women’s rights, hold conversations, and not allow the momentum created halt.  There are many things you can do as an individual, an employee, and an organization to help with this progress.


Create the change you want to see in the world.  There are many local and national women’s rights organizations that fight for equality.  Many are women-led and deliver services, projects, and support within a large spectrum of issues facing women globally.  These issues may include sexual harassment or violence, but many organizations also focus on other women’s rights issues including economic inequality, lack of education, and leadership opportunities.

Take Action.

Donate to organizations and causes you’re passionate about.  Use Charity Navigator, or a similar charity-rater, to choose top-rated organizations that you can feel confident in donating towards.  The top organizations push the limits and help advance women’s rights and empowerment on a daily basis, but often lack funding to continue their efforts.


Invest in a cause.  And for your financial future.  Rather than a traditional investment, at Invested Interests, we offer two investment portfolios that focus specifically on women’s rights.  The companies involved in our portfolios promote equality in the workplace, diversity at every level, and sexual harassment training initiatives.

Human Rights & Diversity

Our diversity & equality portfolio is comprised of companies that have corporate policies and practices focusing on promoting a fair and equitable workplace.  Many of these companies have won accolades and recognition for confronting issues with employees, customers, suppliers, and community interaction.

The Human Rights & Diversity portfolio is made up of companies working to create a culture of inclusion, new ideas, and foster strength in their team through inclusive policies. Whether by broadening their board of directors or establishing human resources policies of inclusion and support, these companies are taking the right steps to fair and ethical treatment of employees.  Many of the companies included in our portfolio are leaders in sexual harassment training and provide information, seminars, and resources to their employees.

At Invested Interests, we believe that diverse workplaces are indicative of healthy corporate cultures. We’re proud to invest in companies that aim to support gender equality throughout their company.

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