Socially Responsible Investment Portfolios

We create personalized portfolios that match your values and help you achieve your financial goals through intensive research and an intricate understanding of current social and environmental issues and trends.

Whether you’re an advocate for a singular cause like gun control or care about multiple initiatives, we’re excited to help create socially responsible investment portfolios that’s right for you and your investment goals.

Our Socially Responsible Investment Portfolios

Read on to learn about our three socially responsible investment portfolios available to all of our investors. Align your dollars with the issues that matter most to you. Want to know more? Reach out to our team and we’re happy to walk through the options and find the portfolio that matches your personal and financial goals.

The Environment

Climate change impacts everyone in the world. So do the environmental policies of companies. Our Environment portfolio invests in green companies, alternative and renewable energy companies, and companies promoting sustainability. It avoids oil and fossil fuel companies, companies that aren’t eco-friendly, and nuclear power companies.

Avoids: Oil and fossil fuel companies, nuclear power/ nuclear waste companies, and companies destroying natural resources.

Human Rights & Diversity

Companies confront human rights and diversity issues with employees, communities, customers, and suppliers. Our Human Rights & Diversity portfolio invests in companies that promote fair and equitable working conditions, companies with diverse boards and workforces, companies that offer equal pay for equal work, and companies that care about the safety and well-being of communities.

Avoids: Oppressive regimes, companies with little or no workplace diversity, and companies that have had diversity-related controversies, like sexual harassment or racism.

Socially Responsible Investment Company for Diversity
Socially Responsible Investment Company for Peace

Peace Efforts

Companies can play a positive role in promoting peace and limiting conflict around the world. Our Peace portfolio invests in companies that don’t support governments or regimes promoting violence and avoids companies directly involved in armed conflicts. 

Avoids: Guns and weapons dealers and manufacturers, companies working with regimes in armed conflict, and companies with known military contracts or war profiteering.

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