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Below you will find information, sources, and links from our sustainable investing research efforts.

Moskowitz Research Prize – Socially Responsible Investing

The prestigious Moskowitz Prize is the only global award recognizing outstanding quantitative research in sustainable and responsible investing. Since its launch in 1996 by Berkeley-Haas and US SIF, its winners have explored shareholder activism, socially responsible mutual funds, and social responsible investing as a catalyst to financial performance, among other topics.

The Moskowitz Prize is named for Milton Moskowitz, one of the first investigators to publish comparisons of the financial performance of screened and unscreened portfolios, including “The 100 Best Companies to Work for in America.”


Brad M. Barber, University of California, Davis, Adair Morse,University of California, Berkeley – Haas School of Business; National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), and Ayako Yasuda, University of California, Davis – Graduate School of Management for “Impact Investing


Philipp Krüger, University of Geneva for “”Climate Change and Firm Valuation: Evidence From a Quasi-Natural Experiment


Allen Ferrell, Harvard Law School, Hao Liang, Tilburg University, Luc Renneboog, Tilburg University for “Socially Responsible Firms


Caroline Flammer, Ivey Business School for “Does Corporate Social Responsibility Lead to Superior Financial Performance? A Regression Discontinuity Approach


Elroy Dimson, London Business School, Oguzhan Karakas, Boston College, Xi Li, Temple University for “Active Ownership


Sadok El Ghoul, University of Alberta, Omrane Guedhami, Moore School of Business, Chuck C. Y. Kwok, Moore School of Business, Dev R. Mishra, Edwards School of Business for “Does Corporate Social Responsibility Affect The Cost Of Capital?


Rob Bauer, Maastricht University, Daniel Hann, Maastricht University; European Centre for Corporate Engagement for “Corporate Environmental Management And Credit Risk


David Baron, Stanford University, Hoje Jo, Santa Clara University, Maretno Agus Harjoto, Graziadio School of Business and Finance, Pepperdine University for “The Economics And Politics Of Corporate Social Performance


Meir Statman and Denys Glushkov, Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business for “The Wages Of Social Responsibility


Alex Edmans, University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School for “Does The Stock Market Fully Value Intangibles? Employee Satisfaction And Equity Prices


Brad Barber, University of California at Davis for “Monitoring The Monitor: Evaluating CalPERS’ Shareholder Activism


Nadja Guenster, Jeroen Derwall, Rob Bauer and Kees Koedijk, Erasmus University for “The Economic Value Of Corporate Eco-Efficiency


Marc Orlitzky, University of Sydney, Frank L. Schmidt, University of Iowa, and Sara L. Rynes, University of Iowa for “Corporate Social And Financial Performance: A Meta-Analysis


Charles M.C. Lee and David T. Ng, Cornell University for “Corruption And International Valuation: Does Virtue Pay?


Rogér Otten, Maastricht University, Rob Bauer, Maastricht University, and Kees Koedijk, Tilburg University for “International Evidence On Ethical Mutual Fund Performance And Investment Style


Glen Dowell, Notre Dame University, Stuart Hart, University of North Carolina, and Bernard Yeung, New York University for “Do Corporate Environmental Standards Create Or Destroy Market Value?


Robert Repetto and Duncan Austin, World Resources Institute for “Pure Profit: The Financial Implications Of Environmental Performance


Siew Hong Teoh, University of California – Irvine, Ivo Welch, UCLA and National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), and C. Paul Wazzan, Berkeley Research Group, LLC for “The Effect Of Socially Activist Investment Policies On the Financial Markets: Evidence From The South African Boycott


Michael V. Russo, University of Oregon, and Paul A. Fouts, Golden Gate University, for “A Resource-Based Perspective On Corporate Environmental Performance And Profitability


Sandra A. Waddock and Samuel B. Graves, Boston College for “Finding The Link Between Stakeholder Relations And Quality Of Management


John B. Guerard, McKinley Capital Management, LCC for “Is There A Cost To Being Socially Responsible In Investing?


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