Everything You Need To Know About Green Funds

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Interested in environmentally-conscious investing? Get to know green funds. 

And, investing isn’t the only way to show your support for the environment. Check out How to Vote with Your Wallet for the Environment for more eco-friendly financial tips. Plus, if you’re new to investing, check out our glossary to get comfortable with financial terminology. 

What are Green Funds?

Green funds are investment vehicles that only invest in environmentally-conscious companies. The best green funds focus on supporting companies in alternative and renewable energy, promoting sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint, and making efforts to green and be eco-friendly. They also avoid oil and fossil fuel companies, nuclear power companies and companies creating nuclear waste, and companies destroying natural resources.

Check out our environmental portfolio to learn more about how Invested Interests promotes green funds. 

Are Green Funds Competitive?

When you invest in the environment not just doing the right thing – you’re doing the smart thing. Recent reports from the United Nations reiterate the dangers of climate change. It’s the defining problem of this century, and where there’s a massive problem there’s also a massive business opportunity.

According to CNBC, “2019 saw a total of 479 green bonds issued worldwide, up by a quarter compared to the previous year.” Earth.Org notes, “The total value of global sustainable investments in 2018 stood at US$ 30.7 trillion- growth of 34% over two years” It’s clear that sustainability is the future of business. 

Why do we need Green Investing?

Investing is meant to protect our financial future. How can we invest in our financial future without considering our environmental future? 

Climate change has already made a huge impact on our world and continues to threaten the future of our planet. As ethical investors, we strive to align our finances with our morals to support social justice and change. 

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