It’s Financial Literacy Month!

Man teaching his son about money with the caption "April is Financial Literacy Month!"

Financial Literacy Month is a chance to reflect on and improve economic education, especially among our youth. 

What is Financial Literacy Month?

Financial Literacy Month is a national campaign organized by the Jump$tart Coalition to promote financial literacy. 

More than 20 years ago, the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) celebrated the first Youth Financial Literacy Day. In 2000,  the Jump$tart Coalition expanded the celebration to an entire month. Eventually, the Coalition changed the name to Financial literacy month, and, in 2004, the US Senate passed a resolution to recognize April as Financial Literacy Month nationally.

The purpose of Financial Literacy Month is to draw attention to the lack of economic education for youth and create fun events and resources to get kids interested in finance.


Ways to Celebrate

Looking for ideas to get your kids interested in finance? Check out our favorite resources to teach kids about money at any age

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What is Invested Interests Doing?

We celebrate financial education all year round! This month, we’ve been focusing behind the scenes on our internship program. Our internship program is a paid work opportunity for ambitious undergraduate students to gain valuable marketing experience while learning about financial literacy. 

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