How to Support BIPOC Businesses This Christmas

In a time when it is so crucial to stand up and support BIPOC communities, we try to do so however we can. For many of us, that means supporting black and minority-owned businesses. We have compiled a list of not only black and minority-owned businesses in the Twin Cities this holiday season but also how we can support these communities every day of the year. 

Twin Cities BIPOC Owned Businesses We Love

Whether you need to pick up some food for your (COVID safe) holiday gathering this season or are looking for some amazing last-minute gifts, this list has you covered.


  • Afro Deli
    • Owned by Abdirahman Kahin, Afro Deli serves up some incredible food and offers a fun blend of community and culture. Plus, all of their food is Halal!
  • Soul Bowl
    • Created by Chef Gerard Klass, Soul Bowl offers delicious soul food in a community-style setting.
  • Mesob Ethiopian Restaurant
    • Mesob offers some authentic Ethiopian food along with some non-traditional creations, right on Hiawatha Avenue!
  • Breaking Bread Cafe
    • Born in North Minneapolis, Breaking Bread Cafe supports Appetite For Change, a nonprofit supporting community through food.
  • King’s Thai Cuisine
    • This family-owned restaurant offers recipes that have been passed down through generations. Get a little closer to Thailand at their restaurant!


  • Rituals
    • This fun shop has everything for your self-care-loving friend or family member. Buy anything from hair care products to aromatherapy and everything in between.
  • Arway
    • This company is dedicated to sourcing products directly from makers in West Africa. Find amazing high-quality bags and accessories on their website.
  • Hybrid Nation
    • This socially-conscious streetwear brand is on a mission to spark conversation about diversity and social equity through its clothing.
  • Asiya
    • Asiya seels modest activewear and sports hijabs so Muslim women do not have to choose between comfort and being confident while being active.
  • Mind’s Eye Comics
    • Mind’s Eye Comics is the only black-owned comic book store in Minnesota. They offer a wide range of books, toys, games, and more to keep you busy this holiday season and beyond!

Although this is a small list, there are so many other amazing BIPOC-owned stores within the Twin Cities and beyond. Talk to your friends, families, and coworkers about other stores and restaurants to check out, or look through this list for more!

How to Support BIPOC Communities All Year Round

Although the holiday season is a great time for us to check out some new shops and restaurants that we have never tried, we must do so all year round. Every day is a great day to support these communities. At times, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the amazing shops and restaurants that are out there. This is why we are going to discuss how we can support BIPOC communities all year round.

  • Donate

    • There are so many organizations out there that are dedicated to supporting minority communities. We could break it down and list every organization out there, but you would probably be reading this all day. If you are located in Minnesota, like we are, you can check out this directory to find organizations you can donate to. If you are located elsewhere, search for BIPOC organizations near you!

  • Learn and Educate

    • One of the easiest ways to become involved and be a better ally is by learning and researching how you can help. Learn about microaggressions, learn how to be actively antiracist, read real stories about how racism affects people. You can also support BIPOC storytellers and artists and hear their stories. Actively listen to learn, not listen to respond. Additionally, you can learn how to combat racist hate. At the end of the day, we can all combat racial injustice if we work together.

  • Speak up!

    • Do not condone racism! If you hear someone say something harmful, call them out. Being silent when someone is hurting another person is an act of violence in it itself. Shut down racist jokes, statements, and microaggressions. Additionally, you can produce productive conversations about race with coworkers, friends, and family. We have to become more comfortable with having these conversations for the sake of others. Speak up!

  • Vote and Invest

    • You have the power to vote for people who actively fight against racial injustice. Do not support those who condone racism. Additionally, you can invest in companies that fight against racism. Some might say you can quite literally put your money where your mouth is. Luckily for you, at Invested Interests, we happen to know a thing or two about investing for good.

Supporting BIPOC Communities Through Investments

We created Invested Interests with the goal of helping our clients invest their money in companies that stand to grow based on important social issues and companies that believe in the power of diversity. At Invested Interests, we have always believed investing is voting with your money. Today, we ask that you also contribute, with us, to organizations that need our support.

To learn more about investing in BIPOC organizations, we would love to help you out. To get started with Invested Interests, you can reach out to us here. But overall, do not stay silent, support however you can, and learn. Together, we can combat racial injustice.

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