Investing in Diversity

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Why is it important to Invest in Diversity?

Investing in diversity means supporting companies that regularly showcase their focus on equity and inclusion. This could include companies focused on raising up the voices’ of women, LGTBQ+ people, and people of color.  

We still have a long ways to go to dismantle prejudice in the United States; however, supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace is a critical first step. Having diverse leadership within a company means that more voices and perspectives are included and listened to. 

How does Invested Interests Invest in Diversity?

Invested Interests has an investment portfolio curated around Human Rights and Diversity. This portfolio helps our clients support companies that promote human rights and diversity, which are more open to new ideas and perspectives and usually place a greater emphasis on merit. 

The portfolio focused on companies promoting fair and equal working conditions, companies supporting safe working conditions and just labor practices, companies with diverse boards and diverse senior leadership teams, and companies that promote women’s rights and equal rights (like the #MeToo movement or LGBTQ movement). 

In addition, the portfolio avoids oppressive regimes, companies that do business with governments or regimes that suppress free speech, companies with little or no workplace diversity, and companies that have had diversity-related controversies, like sexual harassment or racism

Finally, choosing an investment portfolio that supports your values is key. Invested Interests can support your investment efforts in diversity, peace, and sustainability. Learn more about how you can begin investing in diversity by reaching out to us today at

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