A Conservative Approach to Progressive Investing

You can still support progressive values by investing conservatively. Conservative investing is a low-risk investment strategy that prioritizes the preservation of capital

Conservative Investing Strategies

Choosing a conservative investment strategy focuses on longevity. Conservative investors are not investing for quick gains with lots of risks. Instead, they are creating a diverse portfolio that can weather the up and downs of the market. 

Conservative investments include 

  • Stock in strong, established companies
  • Mutual or Index Funds
  • Investing across multiple sectors of the economy

But, even conservative investments include some risk. Remember Circuit City? Once number two in electronics stores, it’s now bankrupt. 

In other words, conservative investing is more than buying some stock in a well-established company. It’s creating a safe investment strategy that puts your financial wellbeing first. 

Focusing on Your Financial Goals

Conservative investing pushes you towards your long-term financial goals. In a volatile market, it’s easy to lose sight of your future financial success and only see the short-term repercussions. When stocks explode, it can be difficult to shake the FOMO of not investing more. Or, when the market crashes, it’s tempting to pull all your investments. 

Whenever you’re tempted to compare your investment journey to someone else’s, try to focus on your financial goals. Why are you investing? 

Everyone’s investing journey looks different. If you’re a conservative investor, maybe you’re investing for your retirement or your kids’ education. If you’re an impact investor, maybe you’re investing to support your key values. 

Centering your financial goals can help you stay focused and motivated as a conservative investor. 

Investing in Progressive Values

At Invested Interests, we believe that investing in your values is as important to your financial health as managing your risk and understanding your financial goals. We have to invest in the world we want to see. 

Investments that support sustainability, peace, and human rights have both a financial and social return. We can use our investments to vote with our wallet for the future we want to see. 

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