How to Support Black-Owned Businesses

As we welcome February, we must also recognize the months’ importance as Black History Month!  Black History Month, also known as African-American History Month, is an annual commemoration that began in the United States. It celebrates the African heritage and culture. In this article from the Invested Interests team, you’ll learn how to support black-owned businesses.

Significance of Black History Month

Initially, Black History Month was intended to educate students and young people about the contributions of African-Americans and other minorities. Such tales had largely been forgotten, and they were an important part of the national narrative.

It’s now seen as a celebration of those who, through their activism and achievements, have impacted not only the country but the entire world. The month-long spotlight in February in the United States is an opportunity for people to engage with Black histories, go beyond discussions of racism and slavery, and celebrate Black leaders and achievements.

The month-long commemoration of Black History Month provides an opportunity for many modern Black youth to reimagine what possibilities await them.

How Can You Support Black-Owned Businesses

This Year we urge you to have hard conversations. We are researching the best ways our company can impact our community. We are committed and we will not let this moment pass without us being part of a positive change. Vote. Learn. Start hard conversations. Challenge the status quo. Challenge yourself. Support our community.

We encourage you to shop your local black-owned businesses, do your research before buying from big corporations, and give back to a community that has done so much for America! At Invested Interests, we have always believed investing is voting with your dollar. Today, we ask that you also contribute, with us, to organizations that need our support. Here’s a list to get you started!

You can also DONATE to Black Vision Collective, an organization in the state of Minnesota that is dedicated to Black liberation and works towards a world in which ALL Black Lives Matter. Or you can DONATE to other organizations.

Vote with your wallet. SUPPORT black-owned businesses in your community.

And continue or start having conversations about racial injustice with the people around you. Check out these RESOURCES to start the conversation in your house today!

Invest in the Change

We at Invested Interests stand in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter. We at Invested Interests stand with those that want to fundamentally change our police forces. We at Invested Interests are financially supporting organizations with plans for real change.

We created Invested Interests with the goal of helping our clients invest their money in companies that stand to grow based on important social issues and companies that believe in the power of diversity. And considering that goal, we have a real responsibility to lead our business, family, and community in an impactful response to the recent events in Minneapolis. Our home. To learn more about investing with companies that believe and stand up in these issues, contact us today at

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